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Joining eGold rewards is simple, and it's free.

You can start your e-shopping with our affiliate partners as soon as you sign up with Our members will earn eGold points as Cashback for every purchase.

Always - start your e-shopping journey with to earn your eGold Points.

Create your Gold rewards account by submitting your email address and a password and purchase on our affiliate partner's website through our affiliate link.

We earn fees from our Affiliate partners once you purchase on their website, and we buy physical Gold off the value of the received payments and convert the physical Gold to eGold points.

We have replaced the earnings from Cashback with eGold. Instead of giving you Cashback, we reward the same USD value in eGold Points. We credit eGold points to our member's wallets as a reward for all purchases made through

Earning rewards in eGold is simple with us with no limitations:

  1. Join Goldbck Rewards: On, click the e-store where you want to shop after login in as a member.
  2. Shop Online: Place an order through the affiliate partner's website, and we'll automatically add eGold points to your account once we receive the affiliate fees from the partner.
  3. My eGold Points: We'll send your eGold points to your Goldbck Wallet.
  4. Value of eGold Points: It holds to the value of GOLD and never expires.
  5. Redeem: You can spend your eGold points at eGold travel or exchange them with other Loyalty points & gift cards.
  6. Start saving points as it grows with Gold's price.

Please note:

Once the online store notifies us about your purchase, we will add your eGold points to your account and inform you.

Depending on the store, confirming that you completed the purchase can take 15 to 60 days.

We send you the Gold-back points - eGold in your wallet every three months. If Goldbck for an order is pending approval, it will carry over to your next payment.

Yes, staking of eGold Points will be active soon to generate additional eGold Points in USD value up to 6% per annum coupon. The minimum staking value is 500 mg of Gold.

eGold points are in micrograms, and the real-time price of Gold determines the value of eGold Points in USD as per the London gold spot price.

Goldbck receives the Affiliate fees from affiliate partners between 15 days to 3 months – depending on the nature of the purchase. End of every month, Affiliate fees are converted eGold points as per the London spot price and credited to a member's wallet as per the agreed shared percentage.

When you redeem your eGold points, the value of your eGold points is as per the London Gold spot price. For instance, the cost of buying 1 gm of Gold is trading at USD 60, and your redemption value of 1 gm of eGold will be USD 60 at Travelshop. Conversion to Fiat currency may apply as per the third-party fees.

We buy a 99.99% pure, 24-carat LBMA gold bar for the exact value of issued points.

One eGOLD Point (Goldbck) is 100 Micro Grams of GOLD.

Yes, "eGold points are 100% backed by gold".

The Gold bars are in the custody of the fully-regulated DMCC-Dubai, UAE company.

Gold is safe in the state-of-the-art bonded vaults run by globally recognised security firms, such as Loomis International. In addition, precious metals are entrusted to the company.

The Gold held by DMCC / Pamp-MMTC company is also fully insured for total replacement value, whether in transit or vaulted storage.

The top-tier audit firm (KPMG) verifies gold inventory.

Gold inventory may be, at any moment in time, in physical Gold and/or US dollars. At the same time, the inventory of the Gold is procured, stored in a secured vault and is part of DMCC Company's Gold inventory.

Yes, you may transfer eGold points to other members from as low as 10 milligrams to 100 grams per month.

If you made a purchase and didn't see eGold points in your account, it may be due to one of these reasons:

  1. You were visiting other sites during your shopping session. Going to other sites, especially ones that offer shopping rewards, can give the store credit for your purchase to another site. In addition, browser extensions from other shopping programs (such as Honey, Invisible Hand, or Rakuten) can interfere with linking your purchase to your Goldbck account.
  2. You are switching to a different browser window or tab. If you complete your purchase in an additional tab or window, we may not link your purchase to your Goldbck account. It would be best if you only used the initial tab opened for you by Goldbck at the beginning of your shopping session.
  3. You need to wait longer after activating Goldbck to complete your purchase. It's best to activate Goldbck before adding items to your cart and check out as soon as possible.
  4. Longer store reporting times. Stores must report your order information to us to know how much GoldBck to add to your account. Reporting time can range from a few hours to 3 months for travel bookings.
  5. Some ineligible store products. Some stores limit specific categories or products from eGold rewards. You may have purchased an item that needs to be Goldbck eligible.

If you've followed the tips above and are still experiencing trouble, try these troubleshooting tips:

  1. Use a compatible browser. Goldbck is compatible with Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer (IE), Version 11+.
  2. Adjust the security settings in your browser. You can also try clearing your browser's cache and cookies.
  3. Add the Goldbck filter list if you use an ad blocker like uBlock or AdBlock Plus. Ad blockers can cause Goldbck tracking issues, and the filter list helps us determine your Cash Back eligibility.
  4. Remember to start your shopping at You can earn Goldbck only by starting an Online Shopping Journey with

Unfortunately, you can earn eGold points only by starting an online Shopping Experience with Goldbck.

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